Frequently Asked Questions

The prices displayed are set per bed or per room?

The price indicated are set per bed. Therefore if one is to take a double-bed room, the price will be that of the two beds.

How much will I have to pay for electricity, water and internet?

Our rental fees are all inclusive, therefore, no additional payments will be made.

Can I reserve one bed in a double-bed room even if I don’t have a roommate?

Yes you can. Domus Manara will take care of finding you a roommate if possible.

Are guests allowed within Domus properties?

Guests are allowed in Domus Manara. However, if the duration of their stay exceeds 3 nights, the resident must notify Domus Manara.

Are the sharing apartments mixed for boys and girls?

The sharing apartments aren’t mixed.

What should you bring

– Towels, toiletries and bath accessories
– Hairdryer
– Toilet paper
– Laundry detergent & dishwashing
– Kleenex
– Additional hangers
– Bedsheets

Do Not Bring:
– Arguileh
– Toaster
– Flammables / Candles / Incense
– Gas stove
– Halogen lamp
– Heater
– Iron