About us

Our Housing is based on refined design in newly refurbished apartments with a feel of international standards. Our aim is to make every stay whether it is a short or a long period, a respectable, comfortable and relaxed one.


Our residents

Domus Manara is a home for International Communities: more than twelve nationalities share our Housing with Lebanese Academic persons and interact to create a friendly environment.

Why Domus Manara?

  • We aim to give a touch of design.
  • We create different scenarios to meet various types of demand: Suite, Private studio, Studette, Suite apartments, …
  • We work hard on Smart space distribution.
  • We select a Color palette meeting all international tastes yet calm and relaxing.
  • Sound proof partitions and glass permitting high concentration.
  • Heavy duty materials avoiding easy damage.
  • Respecting safety measures to give a maximum of security.